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Magnetic Spice Rack Tins

July 09, 2015  •  1 Comment

Hey Everyone! I just want to share what I made. My way to gain a whole shelf in the pantry!
















Here is what you need! 

1.) Tins.  I ordered mine from www.specialtybottle.com They were delivered in less than 24 hours!

I bought 15- 2 ounce (TNF2) tins and 20- 4 ounce (TNF4) tins. The 2 oz have a nice rim. The 4 oz have a flat top.

 Most spices will fit better in the 4 ounce tins. For example cumin and cream of tartar will fit better in 2 oz.

With shipping my cost was $35.


2.) Magnets. These are the ones I bought. 100 pc. Earth Magnets 6mm x 1.5mm from eBay. Make sure you pick a US company or you will wait forever!

Looking back I think I got the right depth, but I would get 12mm or larger instead of 6mm. I just had to use more of them. They are about as big as a pencil eraser. 

With shipping my cost was $6.50. 


3.) Glue. E6000 glue. I got mine at Michael's. It will change your life. Use just a small dab to attach magnets.

My cost $5

4.) Labels. I made my own by searching Antique botanical prints _______. Placing the spice name in the blank.

Message me via facebook.com/julieaphoto if you would like the files I used. I had Office Max print them to the exact sixes. I had the 2 oz labels printed at 2.2" and the 4 oz labels printed at 2.9" on card stock paper. It was very easy!

My cost $5.

I took a dab of glue and applied it to the back of the tin, and then I placed the magnet.

The 4 oz tins got 3 magnets, and the 2 oz tins got 2 magnets.

After that dried ( I waited 24 hours ), I used a gel medium to get the labels to stick. I already had some.

I got it from Michael's. You also could use Modge Podge (make sure it is the clear) or any clear glue.

I coated the back and the front of the paper to protect from moisture. I did 2 coats. 


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Update March 2016

I love these tins. We have had no issues with them, and my boyfriend even loves using them now! 

Update March 2017

The tins are still going strong! I have had zero issues with them. Perfecto! My friends always comment on them.



I made these spice tins the other day and I was looking everywhere for nice labels for them. It took me ages until I came across Julieanne's labels. She was so kind to share them with me and savede hours of work. I laminated my labels before sticking them on the tins and they look amazing.
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