JulieAnne Photography | The best watermelon smoothie!

The best watermelon smoothie!

May 29, 2014  •  1 Comment

     Watermelon Smoothie 




This watermelon smoothie is refreshing and delicious. 

Watermelon is  a good source of vitamin C and beta-carotene. Watermelons with red flesh have more lycopene than tomatoes which is a nutrient believed to protect against prostate cancer.








1.5 cups seedless Watermelon

1 frozen Banana

1 peeled and cored Apple

1 cup Greek Yogurt

 Honey to taste

    **NOTE: Peel Banana before freezing! **




     Puree watermelon in blender.

     Strain with fine mesh strainer ( I used a paper towel and funnel ) 

     Add watermelon juice back to Blender.

     Combine ingredients in the order: Banana, Apple, Yogurt 

     Blend well. Add honey to taste! 



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Looks delish. Just needs some booze, then you're good to go!
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