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Newborn Props!

May 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

JulieAnne Photography






I just wanted to display the newborn props I have to the mom's that are curious of what I have to offer! 






Baby Pod

This is my baby pod. Love the effect it creates, and the newborns love how cuddly it is! Made by Sassy Couture Creations. 













One major tip I like to tell my new moms: Please keep your baby awake before their session ( a bath is a great way to wear them out). And if you are more than 30 min away from our meeting place, hold off on feeding until you arrive. Our goal is to have a tired hungry baby so when he/she is fed, they will go into a little baby coma- allowing us to capture very peaceful portraits :) 


Spider Man 

This hat and cape will surely add some pizzazz for a great bedroom portrait! Again by Sassy Couture Creations! 



Fuzzy Bunny

This little bunny has a removable bow- great for boys and girls! :) 






























<--Can't--> wait to use  Both of these!!!!

( Especially the one on the left! )




















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