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Miss Ella

November 06, 2014  •  5 Comments

This is Ella. Her mother found my page and was soon certain I was the right person to capture their little one. We talked about colors and props and about what to expect. What I didn't expect was such a beautiful home. This family has the most adorable house right on the water. I LOVE IT! After I was licked to death by their guard dog, I soon saw this little bundle <3  She was just an angel during her session, and she allowed me to capture many great photos as you can see here :)


The pictures are just beautiful but I can't imagine the joy both of you have in welcoming Little Ella to your family. I am sure Cabo will love and protect her. Can't wait for more photos. Such a wonderful and loving family she will grow up with. Much love to all.
Dear Adam and Meghan Congratulations she is very beautiful. I'm sure big brother is being very protective... The pictures are precious can't wait to see her in person...xxoo
Lori Shinn(non-registered)
Adam and Meghan, Ella is so precious and adorable pictures. Hope to see her with Marty sometime soon.
Congratulations Adam and Meghan. She is SO BEAUTIFUL. Enjoy every single minute.
I want to come live at your house and cuddle with Ella! Such beautiful pictures!
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