Adam David Knebel & Julie Anne Collman

Our Wedding date     :      April 21, 2018

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If we had to tell you one thing about us... it would be that we are so thankful. Thankful that God brought us together. We're so excited to be getting married and most of all excited to share our lives with one another.

Great things really started happening in our lives when backgrounds and talents brought us together at SIUE. Adam was studying to be a mechanical engineer, while Julie was studying to be a civil engineer. Unnoticed by Julie, they even sat right next to each other for at least one semester! Adam and Julie became Facebook friends during college because Adam was president of a club Julie was interested in joining- Engineers Without Borders. One day Julie posted on her page asking if anyone would want to go out for drinks, and Adam took her up on that offer. As soon as we sat next to each other at Morgan Street Brewery, there was an instant connection. It sounds cliché to say, but from the very first time we spoke, we could both tell that there was something special between us.

Upon graduating college, Adam was offered a job to work for Anheuser Busch in Williamsburg, VA. Adam asked Julie to move with him. What an amazing adventure it was for the both of us to move away from home together. While in Virginia, Julie changed majors- now studying for a degree in elementary education while working at Goddard School.

Currently, we live together in Highland with our dog, Lacey. Adam works for Nascote Industries in Nashville, IL, and Julie teaches middle school math at Germantown Elementary.

We started dating at the tail end of 2012 and have been having a blast together ever since! Together, we bring out each other’s best parts and inspire each other creatively, spiritually, and intellectually. We are truly blessed. We look forward to creating a lifetime of memories together, especially with you — our family and friends!




Of course everyone knew- my parents, his parents, the siblings- everyone except me! We had already planned a trip to go to Florida for my graduation from WGU. Well if we are going to Orlando, why not drive down to Miami and take a cruise before hand? My sister and her boyfriend joined us on our adventure! Well, the day before we were going to leave, my sister basically forces me to get a manicure, and of course, I didn't think anything of it. Then, Adam mentions that we will need to leave really early so we can get to Lake Eola before the sun goes down so we can check it out, and I should bring a cute outfit to change into. Alright, alright silly people, whatever you want. So we get to Orlando and change. From there we trek to Lake Eola Park which is the most stunning park I have ever been to. I scope out a perfect spot for a photo. There are just so many palm trees, and we stand there for 10 minutes just waiting for the sun to sink behind the buildings so we can catch the perfect light. My sister asks how the video function works on my camera, and she was able to capture the above image as well as the entire moment on video. Adam said a whole bunch of amazing things, and then he asked to spend the rest of his life with me. I was in tears and smiling- all I could muster was a nod! Some people walking nearby stopped to applaud. I don't know how I will ever be able to communicate to Adam the same amount of love he showed me on this day.  Oh and the ring was all him. :)




The Ceremony

Time TBD

St. Rose Catholic Church in St. Rose, IL

18010 St Rose Rd, Breese, IL 62230

The Reception

Time TBD

Knights of Columbus in Highland, IL

12454 IL 143, Highland, IL 62249



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Call (618) 651-1100 to book, and say you are with the Collman/Knebel Wedding.

Baymont Inn & Suites Highland

20 Central Boulevard, Highland, IL 62249



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Wedding Party

Maid of Honor: Sarah Collman- Bride's Sister
Bridesmaids: Anna Knebel- Groom's Sister & Kelly Lange- Future Sister in Law

Friends: Emily Kuhlman, Emma Katchen, & Lindsey Highlander

Best Man: Alex Knebel- Brother

Groomsmen (Friends): Brandon Johnson, Zac Schniers, Greg Maue, Joseph Antonacci, William Abbott


Note from the Bride to be     -      Wear your dancing shoes! 



Registry Links once we register will be available here. 


If you are wondering what to wear....
The attire is formal. Think spring! The bridesmaids will be in light blue.

How long will the ceremony be? Will there be communion? 
The ceremony will last about an hour, and then we will greet the guests as they leave the church. Yes, there will be communion.

Will there be an open bar?
Yes, until the music starts- venue rules. 

Where will I park? 
Both sites have parking lots.